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Brisbane Home Renovations

Morbuild can Transform your Home with our Renovation Service


Brisbane is full of historic Queenslander homes and at Morbuild we’re very accustomed to delivering a quality finished product on Queenslander restorations. This work exists because for the most part in Brisbane were not permitted to demolish the iconic Queenslander and for good reason. There are, however, a number of other types of homes that are ripe for Brisbane renovation builders like Morbuild. These homes are usually blanketed under the term “Post War Home”.


Postwar homes are typically any home built after 1946 but more specifically are the timber houses constructed shortly after WWII. They’re identifiable by their 3 bedrooms, one bathroom layout and are usually hardwood inside and out, even the weatherboards are usually hardwood. A classic post-war suburb undergoing great modernization and renovation building work is Wavell Heights. The suburb itself is named after Field Marshal Lord Wavell who was the Commander-In-Chief of the Allied Forces in the Middle East during the Second World War.


Post-War Home Renovations


Renovating a post-war home is a unique process when compared to renovating a Queenslander. The Queenslander has an identity that is easily followed which can be improved and expanded upon. The beauty of the post-war home is that it doesn’t have the standout features of its predecessor, making it a blank canvass to modernize and tweak at will.


Post-war home renovations in Brisbane require careful planning from an aesthetics point of view. It’s very easy to have plans that set the house apart for all the wrong reasons. With the Queenslander, there are a set of rules to follow, but with the post-war home, things can go ugly very quickly. It’s important when modernizing an older home, you consult with a builder early in the process. At Morbuild we’re accustomed to supporting homeowners at the early stages of the renovation process to make sure that things head in the right direction. Contact us to discuss a design and construction option for your next renovation.


Modern materials are vast and plentiful when compared to the time upon which post-war homes were originally constructed, but what looks good today, may not look so good tomorrow. On top of this, much of what is sold as hardware in the marketplace for home renovations are of poor quality and may look good when shiny and new, but within a short period of time, things change. Morbuild has experienced home renovation experts and only deal with quality suppliers. Although this may sound cliche, it’s really not, because as a small business, there’s little time for ongoing defects that may occur by using poor quality materials. It’s okay for large Brisbane construction companies to have a dedicated defects team, they can take a risk on poor quality, but at Morbuild we’ve only got time for quality.

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