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Brisbane House Raising

Morbuild are House Raising Professionals

Morbuild Home Brisbane Builders

Morbuild are experienced Brisbane house raising builders. We specialize in Queenslander renovations and see ourselves as specialist Brisbane builders.


House Raising is a way to provide extra living space for the growing family, whether it's an extra car space, media room or more guest rooms. House raising provides an additional floor to suit your living style. Besides the extra living space, we strongly recommend Queenslanders raise the house for safety purposes. During the flood season, lifting the house above the ground enhances the safety feature to the households.


We understand that house raising could be a big project for you. But the fact is that an average house raising project could be finished within weeks. Here at Morbuild, we are experienced house raising builders who are motivated to work with you in any type and scope of house raising projects.


The process includes site concept plans, design, approval and then the construction phase of raising the house and building in under. During the concept phase, our building design team will be able to work with you to discuss your ideas and expectations for your house raising project. Before the concept turns the corner towards working drawings, our estimating team will be able to crunch some numbers to make sure that your project is heading within your budget. This way any necessary changes can be made to accommodate your financial expectations. Once the house raising plans are finalised we’re able to provide a firm quote for works, which will be inline with preliminary pricing and discussion.


House Raising Service Types:


At Morbuild, we tailor the services to suit different customers’ needs. The following indicates the types of House Raising services we can provide:


  1. Raising a house and reconnecting the services is sometimes all that is required for a house raising project and we’re happy to assist on this smaller scope. At a later date, there is the potential to build in underneath.

  2. Sliding a house and restumping it to take advantage of a subdivision or to make a second vacant lot available for sale. Alternatively, you could make the second lot available to build your dream new home and sell off or rent the older home. Whatever way you decide to raise and slide your house. Morbuild will be able to assist you and provide advice.

  3. Most commonly we raise and restump older houses to provide the family with more space. This usually results in a raise, restump and complete build-in underneath. Most of the projects are Brisbane renovations that involve house raising, extensions, carports, driveways, and landscaping. This is the full package to transform your old Queenslander to its full glory and provide all that extra space that you need.


House Raising in Queensland


Queensland has a unique climate that has spawned the architecture that we see in our Brisbane homes. To ensure the building quality in our house raising jobs, all our contractors are skilled, experienced and have proven techniques for Brisbane renovations. We’re Brisbane northside and southside builders and we welcome the opportunity to quote or assist with your planning for the next house raising project that you’re thinking of starting. So give us a call or fill in the contact us form below to get in touch and start your house raising project.

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