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Brisbane Builders for High Quality, Unique Homes


Morbuild are involved in your project from the early stage. We do this by arriving on site with our design team ready to draw a concept set of building design plans. These concept plans are used to determine your budget for the build and then they can be adjusted accordingly before they become working drawings. This way we’re able to provide a design that meets your expectation in terms of building and finance. Our building designers specialise in building renovation and or building extension work. They understand the full potential of the old homes, their knowledge of design combined with our construction experience at the start of a project is paramount to its success. Involving the right team at the start of your project is key.


As a Brisbane builder who handles design and constructs, Morbuild collaborates with you to bring the dream home alive. A balance between creativity and practicality is achieved when we work closely with our customer in the design and construct of your homes. On the creativity side, you will contribute your ideas to a dream home. We as the builder will use our professionalism to balance the practicality and creativity, to meet your expectations and budget requirements.  


The initial design work prior to construction is not a costly exercise when dealing with Morbuild. In fact, you can pay a lot more for plans by engaging an architect and designer yourself. Although the prices may seem comparable at the start, what many Designers or Architects don’t mention is that their prices don’t include engineering and soil testing. In some cases, these can be more than the design plans themselves. Morbuild includes everything that you need from the get-go and will able to tell you from the start your expected costs in design.


Design and Construct Elements

These can include:

  • Soil Testing, Structural Engineering,

  • Hydraulic Engineering,

  • Town Planning Approval,

  • Building Approval,

  • Relaxation costs and, of course, the working drawings.


Typically the working drawings will be the only thing a building designer or architect will provide a quote for at the start. As soon as practically possible and ideally during the concept phase, we’ll be able to tell you all your expected approval and design costs. This is the Morbuild advantage, trustworthy from beginning to end. We’re constantly striving to be Brisbane’s best Design and Construct renovation builder.


Once the design is ready for approval, we will be able to prepare a firm quote for you to review. If you are happy with the quote, it is time to transfer the blueprint into action. It should be noted that at this point, the plans are your plans and belong to you. So there is no copyright issue if you were wanting a second set of eyes cast over them for peace of mind.  

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