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About Us

Morbuild are High Quality Builders for Brisbane Homes



Stephen Morgan is the owner, director, and builder of Morbuild. This small, intimate structure ensures the client can quickly and easily convey their needs clearly and without breakdowns in communication.


A license search on the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) Website will show that Stephen is a fully licensed builder and has a perfect record.


QBCC also provide a financial year breakdown of total project values in recent fiscal years. See below table from QBCC website show the annual turnover for Morbuild Pty Ltd



The table above is the result of a combination of works over the past several years in Brisbane, which include: House raise and build in, Brisbane Queenslander extensions, Design and Construct projects, and general renovation work. The table typifies that if you're interested in renovation and extension work in Brisbane then you’ve come to the right place.


Morbuild's stunning commitment to quality building and customer service has been directly responsible for the growth you see above. Stephen applies the same level of care and quality, inspecting every detail, to even the largest of projects. 


Morbuild will always continue to maintain a small business customer service approach to dealing with work and clients. However, like all good businesses, we will continue to grow.


We welcome your inquiry into your next Brisbane renovation or extension quote.

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