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Bardon Renovation

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Luxury renovations don’t need to be complicated, in fact, some of the most elegant homes only have one or two key aspects that are featured throughout the home. Rather than having a mishmash of high-end features that don’t do the overall aesthetic any favours, many homeowners find that doing a few things well is better than many that are poorly executed.


Morbuild recently completed a luxury home renovation in Gerler St, Bardon that is a perfect example of simple design choices that create a stunning overall theme throughout the home.

The homeowners have carried the stunning marble from the kitchen through to the large luxurious bathroom, as well as a few highlighted fixtures. All the while maintaining a simple colour scheme as the backdrop.


As well as using marble throughout their kitchen and bathrooms the homeowners have also carried their background colour scheme outside, using a similar tone on their deck and throughout the pool area. This thoughtful extension makes the interior of the home seem all that more coordinated.


The Gerler St home boasts large windows, capturing as much of Bardon’s soft breezes and natural light. As a result, the kitchen, dining, and lounge areas are flooded with rich natural light, illuminating the rooms’ full dimensions and leaving no corners dark or foreboding.


Rather than have garish or monstrous light fixtures where they are not needed, the homeowners opted to use simple yet elegant feature pieces in the kitchen and dining. The light fixtures chosen do not detract or distract from the centre focus of the kitchen; the marble splashback and breakfast bar.


This Bardon home renovation represents the difference that excellent planning can make. The owners received the home of their dreams on budget and on time, and now enjoy a tranquil, stylish retreat from busy CBD life.



How Can Morbuild Help You


Morbuild are your local builders specialising in home renovations. Throughout the years Morbuild has completed many high-end, luxury renovations throughout Brisbane, adding to our comprehensive knowledge and allowing us to better help you achieve your dream home.


Morbuild also offers a sought-after design and construct service. This service means that your renovation project will be coordinated by Morbuild from start to finish. All the hassles of negotiation and liaison with subcontractors handled by our experienced builder, so that you receive your new home on the budget and on time. During the design and construct process, Morbuild has a list of professional contacts that are leaders in their respective fields that we use to complete your build to the highest possible standards.


We are available to quote on your next renovation or extension, so contact Morbuild today!

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