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Coorparoo Renovation 

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Classic Queenslanders are found throughout the suburbs of Brisbane, including Coorparoo. Over the decades, these heritage homes have remained a staple, however, they have also started to show their age. Renovating a Queenslander has its restrictions, but the experienced team at Morbuild know how to bring any home to life whilst maintaining the integrity and character of the home.


This home in Coorparoo follows the classic Pre-War style of a symmetrical bungalow, with a large wrap around deck. Whilst the deck provides plenty of space, the interior proved otherwise and the new owners came to the Morbuild team to rectify that. When it comes to renovating a Queenslander, it’s important to consider the original materials used and the overall appearance of the home. Keeping this in mind the decision was made to raise the home and build underneath. This allows for more room to be created within the home without compromising on yard space, one of the main benefits of raising a home. 


Another benefit of lifting this house was the amazing views that were just out of sight at its original height. The raise allowed the owners to see the view of Brisbane City. In order to gain an even better view, large and open french doors were added for access to the deck. This not only opened up the entire home and created a space filled with natural light, but also allowed the views to be seen from the entryway. 

Living areas tend to be the focus of traditional homes, with large open areas to maintain a cooler home, especially in the Queensland summer. Creating an open plan living area and kitchen on the top floor creates a breezy home, perfect for entertaining. With the french doors to the balcony, the space can be opened further to blend the interior and exterior spaces. 

The kitchen was created to remain in the style of the rest of the home, but with a modern approach. The white cabinetry with black handles is reflective of a Hamptons style home, but the addition of stainless steel features and marbled bench tops modernises the space. Plus the addition of a wooden ladder creates a playful element. A butlers pantry allows for less clutter in the actual kitchen, meaning that the drawers and cupboards can be utilised for everyday items. The feature lights also create a modern feel without going overboard. The matte black is a colour choice that can be seen in each room and in turn, creates cohesiveness throughout the whole home.


The main bedroom was given an ensuite and large walk-in wardrobe. The original bedroom windows were kept, so each room has the classic green glass panels on door and windows. 

The bathrooms throughout the home also have matte black features such as mirrors and handles, with simple white and silver utilities. These give each bathroom a crisp and fresh feel. The downstairs bathroom also features a large bathtub, adding a sense of luxury.

Downstairs are two more bedrooms, similar to the upstairs rooms, and a living area, which will make for a great entertainment room. Even though the first floor is partially below ground level, the number of windows allows plenty of natural light to come in. 

Matte black feature items tie this home together, as does the timber flooring and white walls. This renovated heritage home will now provide plenty of space for the owners and their growing family.

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