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Common Building Roadblocks and How To Avoid Them

Everyone has heard building horror stories from friends, family, neighbours, or television exposes. While these stories are often sweat-inducing, this is not the case for most building projects. In actuality, a lot of these horror stories can be avoided by simple planning and asking the right questions.

We’ve put together a list of some common building roadblocks and delays and how to avoid them. This list is not the penultimate compilation of everything that can go wrong, however, it is a great way to start critically forward-thinking about your project.

An Unqualified, unlicensed, or unprepared builder.

Finding a trustworthy builder is the simplest step to ensuring that your project is completed without issue. However, many homeowners fail to do their research before contracting a tradesman. Often this is because people do not know the right questions to ask or because they are lured by the promise of a cheaper build or quicker lead time.

How to avoid the wrong builder:

  • Do your research - do they have reviews and what do they say? Has anyone you know used this builder before? Does the builder have a portfolio you can view?

  • Check their license - All builders should have a license through the Queenslanding Building and Construction Commision (QBCC) that you can check here. You can see the history of this builder, if they have been banned or infringed, as well as the number of projects they lodge annually.

  • Talk to the builder in-depth - Do they give you knowledgeable answers? Do you feel comfortable with this builder? Are they pushing to sign a contract?

  • Read all contracts carefully - Don’t rush into signing your contract. Ask questions, if something doesn’t feel right you can still pull out.

No Contractors Available

If you are managing your own project a major problem can be failing to book contractors in advance. Plumbers, electricians, plasterers, builders, building designers, and so many other contractors can be booked months in advance. Failing to book your contract in advance can lead to delays in your project or can force you into contracting someone who is not as knowledgeable. Understanding your building timeline is critical. Prior planning at this junction becomes a critical key step.

Too Few Resources

Underestimating the resources required can endanger your project. Resources covers a wide range of things, from materials and tradesmen through to time and money. If you do not carefully plan the resources you will need at the beginning of your project you can end up with too few materials and not enough time to get more or you could end up with too many materials and not enough money.

Realistic planning is the best way to combat this issue. Creating a clear plan of all materials that you will want before building starts is important; waiting to choose your tiles or carpet, buying for a home double the size in case you want extra, or even just failing to calculate an accurate estimate can unravel the project. Similarly, changing your plans halfway through your build can often have a detrimental impact on the dissemination of your resources.


Unexpected weather impacts are often cited as one of the biggest construction delays. We are not suggesting you try to control the weather, however, if you find a way please let us know!

What you can do to combat weather delays is plan accordingly. Know the environmental risks in your area and on your build site. Are you likely to have a wet winter? Is the building site likely to become boggy and unusable? What did your neighbours experience when they built or renovated their homes? While this planning cannot prevent unexpected deluges, you can do your best to avoid ‘Danger Times’.

Time Estimates

Just like cost estimates, be wary of time estimates that seem too good to be true. Builders who offer drastically lower project times than their competitors may be quoting for something different. Discuss the quote and don’t be afraid to ask why they are so much quicker than other builders.


Miscommunications, failed communications, and outright lack of communication can leave a project stagnating for days and weeks, even months! Get a direct line of contact for your builder and try to receive confirmations, agreements, or any changes in writing. This way you are not heaping the burden on your memory to remember something that was discussed months prior.


Variations and changes often happen, but it is important to be careful with these. Too many variations or too large a change can lead to delays or issues with the integrity of the build. While if is okay to change your mind, try to make a clear plan of what you want before you even begin the building process. Saving decisions to the last minute, or changing your mind several times during the build can be frustrating for your builder and suppliers, and costly for you.

Restrictive Regulations

Restrictive Regulations are one of the most costly issues to resolve but simplest to avoid. During your planning stage it is critical to utilise a building designer or architect that is familiar with local and state building legislation. Speak to your builder if you are concerned about legislation or restrictive regulations.

While no solution is ever absolute, a great way to alleviate stress and ensure your project runs smoothly is to have an experienced project manager who can oversee your project. A project manager is the only contact you need to have regarding your build. Your project manager will liaise with all subcontractors and suppliers on your behalf, relaying important details and solving minor issues.

But affording a project manager can be a tough expense to justify. Unless you hire a design and construct builder.

Design and construct builders manage your project from start to finish. From initial concept plans through to handover. Morbuild offer a design and construct service that has truly surpassed the expectations of many homeowners. Alongside our own team of dedicated and experienced builders, we also maintain an exclusive network of industry contacts. When you contract Morbuild to complete a Design and Construct project, you will have access to this network; which includes building designers, subcontractors, interior designers, and so much more.

For more information about our Design and Construct service contact our friendly team today!

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