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Preparing for your Renovation

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Renovations can be a fun project, but they take time and consideration too. When it comes to starting a renovation there are a few things to consider beforehand.


First things first, why are you renovating? Understanding this can allow you to make style choices and practical decisions that will benefit you in the long run. If you are thinking of giving your home a fresh makeover to keep it updated, then it is important to consider your style. Everyone wants their home to be a reflection of themselves, so ensure this by choosing design elements to reflect your style.

Alternatively, if you are undergoing renovations with the aim of selling, then the updates should remain minimalist and neutral to appeal to a wider audience. Creating a flexible space will allow for the next owners to visualise themselves moving in and making it their own.

Check laws and Regulations

An important part of any construction project is ensuring that no laws or regulations are preventing your plans from becoming realities. Different properties will face different policies, for example, a unit in an apartment block will have a different set of rules to follow compared to a home that is set on a large block of land, distanced from neighbours. Another part to consider is the new regulations that have been put in place to protect old Queenslanders. These homes have become iconic, especially amongst the suburbs of Brisbane, so people want to make sure that they remain for a bit longer.


Setting a realistic budget is a good way of minimising costs throughout a renovation. This is aided by having an accurate quote presented to you. We ensure that your project has no hidden fees and we can avoid unnecessary extras if need be. Communicating your budget with your builder will allow everyone to have a clear understanding of any constraints.

Clearing your home

Depending on just how big the renovations are you may be presented with some storage dilemmas. If the renovations are only sticking to a room or two, then shuffling some furniture around may be the easiest option, just make sure that any things that you may need through the project are accessible! If the project is spanning across multiple rooms it would be wise to organise a storage solution- whether that’s a shed in the yard or a hired storage box. This option will also minimise clutter throughout the renovation.

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