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Renovating and Minimalism

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

When it comes to renovating there are many directions to go in, one dominant trend is minimalism. This styling focuses on the mantra, “less is more”. Everything from the colour, to the material to the final layout, contributes towards a minimalist style.

Here are 8 things to consider when you’re renovating for minimalism.

1. Less is More

The mantra for minimalism is simple and easy to apply at the very beginning of your renovation process. When you’re preparing for a renovation, you’ll likely have to clear out a room or several. Use this opportunity to cull any broken or useless items that have been taking up space. Recycle or donate the unbroken items to embrace the full minimalist lifestyle.

2. Keep it Hidden

When you're going through the renovation process we'll start with creating a design. It’s during this time that you can talk to our team about your needs and wants.

If you still have lots of items, then storage space is going to be your friend throughout this minimalist renovation. Creating sleek storage spaces means that everything can have its place tucked away from view.

Another strategic way of creating storage space is to buy multi-purpose items. You could have a coffee table that is also a storage space or a lounge with drawers underneath. Alternatively, embrace the need for storage and have baskets and boxes around that act as statement pieces, but also a storage solution.

3. Monochromatic

A monochromatic colour scheme not only follows the minimalist trend but, when you want to follow another trend, the colour choices are versatile. You’ll be able to partner it with a colourful couch or hang a statement piece on the wall and completely change the space without needing to renovate again. Monochromatic colourways don’t necessarily mean black and white. You could opt for other neutral tones such as greys or creams or even a deep green for something more adventurous. No matter what theme you want your renovation to follow, the team at Morbuild can work with you to find the best option.

4. Clean Lines

Minimalism is about simplicity, and nothing is more simple than clean-cut lines. Tiles are a great opportunity to embrace this; subway tiles as a kitchens splashback or large panelled, wooden floors with clean-cut lines. These approaches can also help a room to appear larger than it is, depending on how the tiles or flooring have been placed. Kitchen cabinets or showers, as well as the type of artworks or other small statement items that might be displayed, can also embrace clean lines. Having clean lines throughout a home can create a sense of coordination.

5. Bright, White lighting

Lighting is a crucial part of any home, however, when it comes to a minimalist home, more thought is put into the choice. Choosing a minimalistic light often results in an exposed bulb as the choice, however, bar lighting with graphic exterior can be as equally minimalist.

6. Clean Materials

Minimalism can create a cold atmosphere, so if you’re wanting warmer tones, then choosing the right materials is going to be a crucial decision. Wooden finishes, in particular, will bring warmth to the home, partnering this with concrete creates a contrasting and dynamic space, and can be effective in creating a statement without the need for other statement pieces such as rugs or artwork.

7. Go Handle-less

If you choose to renovate your home and include lots of storage space, you may find that you have lots of cupboards and drawers throughout the house. If this is the case, you might find that choosing a handle that will work everywhere whilst embracing minimalism is a difficult choice. This is where opting to have no handles could be the best choice, and instead, you’ll have cupboards passing as walls that simply require a push to be opened.

8. One Statement Piece

As discussed, minimalism isn’t necessarily blank walls and empty rooms, you’ll still want your home to come out of the renovation feeling like a home. Instead of keeping rooms as blank canvases add one statement piece into each space. It could be a coloured lounge, a piece of artwork or even a fun tile. Something that makes the house your own and embraces a bit of your personality.

The team at Morbuild have years of experience across many styles of renovations, so when you are wanting to embrace the minimalist lifestyle and need to renovate, call our friendly team and we can discuss how to bring your dream home to a reality.

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