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Fall in Love with your Home again

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Just like you need to care for yourself you should care for your home. A makeover can bring joy to you and your home.

Gain more space

Perhaps you’re starting to feel cooped up in your home. A renovation can provide more space for you and your growing family. Whether you’re needing a reconfiguration of your home or an extension, creating more space can be achieved with a renovation. Home extensions can vary. You may only want to add a deck and extend your usable entertainment space to the outdoors or for a more significant approach, we can raise your home and build underneath to create an entirely new and functional space.

Improve functionality

Many people start to become frustrated with their homes when they notice the smaller problems and inconveniences. More often than not, we can complete a renovation to solve this problem, no matter how big or small it may be. Kitchens and bathrooms can often be problem areas, as our approach to design and functionality changes with our modern living. We are often seeking functional and large spaces to live in, so creating a smart kitchen that works with you can make a big difference and improve your home tenfold.


Morbuild specialises in renovating heritage-listed homes, but it’s these homes that are some of the most complicated to restore. As these homes are amongst the oldest homes in Brisbane, it’s inevitable for them to be in need of a restoration or touch up. Even a simple fresh coat of paint can liven up a home. As we understand the importance of maintaining the character of a Queenslander, we have the expertise to complete the necessary renovations to bring your home to its full potential.


Trends may come and go, so we often find that an impulse decision to follow a trend five years ago has dated poorly and has left you no longer feeling happy in your home. Our experienced team have worked on a wide variety of project over the years, so we understand how important it is to be on trend whilst ensuring that your choices won’t date quickly. We will often recommend choosing neutral finishes and add pops of colour with furniture or fabrics.

Create your Dream Home

Our renovation services cover all elements of the home, from bathrooms to bedrooms to kitchens, so no matter how big or small your renovation needs may be we can create your dream home. Sometimes, people buy a home with every intention of making it complete, but can never get around to it. Morbuild are here to help your home dreams become realised. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we create a home that is both functional and beautiful.

Opportunity to Declutter

A home makeover not only allows you to redo your home, but it can provide a great opportunity to declutter. Even a minor renovation can make a huge difference when a clear-out has also been conducted. We often don’t realise how much we accumulate, so going through those untouched drawers and cupboards during a renovation can be an important finishing touch.

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