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Everything You Need To Know About Adding A Feature Wall

A feature wall or an accent wall is a wall that adds visual interest to a room, this can be achieved through patterns, textures, or colours. Its purpose is to be the focal point of the room; the space that draws the eye. Any room can have a feature wall, but they're usually found in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, as these rooms are slightly larger and get the most foot traffic.

There are so many ways to create a feature wall, it can be as simple as painting a wall a different colour, adding a subtle print, adding distinctive shapes or as complex as adding a full wall bookshelf. There are plenty of options to choose from to suit any budget, style and preferences.

5 things to consider when deciding on a feature wall:

1. Which wall should get the make-over? Generally, you have four walls to choose from in a room. The best is usually the wall that draws the eye as soon as you enter the room, because of its size or placement. A wall tucked away from sight may not be the best choice and isn’t worth the time and investment as no one will see it unless they are standing in one spot.

2. Is the room actually a good candidate? Small spaces, such as tiny bedrooms may be overwhelmed by a feature wall. But a wall in a child’s room might be ideal for a coat of chalkboard paint. Then they can do their own decorating!

3. Is your feature wall going to get lost in the crowd? Rooms that are overly busy with furniture and knick-knacks may lessen the wall’s visual impact and make the room seem overly crowded and busy. Consider rearranging things or getting rid of some of the clutter. On the other hand, with careful planning, some things — a fireplace or even a large TV — can be worked into the scheme.

4. What works for you? A wall with a bold contrasting colour might look great, but a subtle shade might be appealing, too. When making your choice, remember: you’re the one who has to live with it every day, so choose something that suits you and appeals to you!

5. What are you willing to spend? Used brick with a touch of old mortar might truly be stunning, but so can the cost of materials and labor! Chances are you can find alternative treatments that achieve the same effect at a fraction of the cost.

Choosing bold colours is perfect, as long as you keep them in the range of your existing colour scheme. Your feature wall needs to be cohesive with the rest of the elements.

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