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Architect VS Designer: What's the difference?

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Many clients engage Morbuild at the beginning of their project. Often these homeowners don’t have plans for their dream home and are in need of recommendations for quality building designers or architects. But what is the difference between the two? Many people recognise that there is a difference but cannot say what that difference might be.

An architect is a licensed professional who organises space, both exterior and interior. Architects design houses, office buildings, landscapes, skyscrapers, ships, and even entire cities. The services offered by a licensed architect depend on the type of project being developed. Furthermore, to legally represent yourself as an architect you must go through a licensing process.

This process includes:

  • Having a formal tertiary degree in architecture

  • Possessing adequate liability insurance

  • Being officially registered with the national governing architecture body.

Architects tend to be better suited to projects that are engaging experimental design or are highly specific to the owner. An architect can also double as a project manager in some instances; overseeing the project from initial concept through to completion.

Building Designers can perform many of the same duties as architects, however, these people are not officially registered with the governing bodies. Many building designers have degrees and extensive experience in building design and architecture. In states such as Queensland, Victoria, and Tasmania there are regulatory bodies that govern who can work as a building designer as well as an architect.

Building designers are often a perfect match for people that wish to use their builder as a project manager or act as the project manager themselves. Building designers also often have lower fees than architects. This can be for a range of reasons: they may offer less experimental designs, you might be paying only for plans and not ongoing support, etc. It is always helpful to speak with your builder about their recommendations for your project.

Morbuild Builder have extensive experience in the building industry. From home renovations to new builds, our team has created an impressive list of contacts to match any project. Whether you are looking for an expressive and innovative architect or an expeditious and precise building designer, we have the solution. Contact our friendly team today!

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