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Highgate Hill Builders, Brisbane

Highgate Hill Renovations and Building


Highgate Hill is rich with old-style charm, with many houses in the area being built in the Queenslander style. The area offers stately homes without compromising on location, just a stone’s throw from West End, South Bank, and Brisbane’s CBD as well as being a highlighted catchment area for Brisbane State High School. Add in the stunning views that most properties enjoy and you have a paradise for professionals, young couples, and families, among many others.


Homes in Highgate Hill sell on average for $950,000 and reportedly spend no more than a month on the market. For homeowners in Highgate Hill this promises considerable property equity, and for investors suggests the possibility of a short turn-around. Both homeowners and investors are finding that renovating, while still maintaining the classic charm that Highgate Hill homes are renowned for, is significantly boosting their enjoyment and their home’s value.

While not everyone in Highgate Hill is an investor, homeowners have found great delight in renovating to preserve some of the older, more unique features of the property.


Raising your house in Highgate Hill may be particularly fruitful as the area offers superb views. This renovation also allows you to double your space without encroaching into your backyard at all. Morbuild are best practice builders when it comes to raising houses and can offer expert advice.


If increasing the height of your building simply isn’t an option, Morbuild is able to offer many creative renovation solutions. The sky's the limit when it comes to the various services that we can offer you. Whether it be a renovation, a re-build, a new bathroom or kitchen, or even just a minor ‘freshen up’ we have the local knowledge to support you through the process.


At Morbuild we pride ourself on the fact that we are locals helping locals. With our highly skilled and established team, we are well-versed in any building venture. We are available to provide a fixed price quote and welcome your next project, so please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Highgate Hill Renovations - Morbuild
Highgate Hill Builders - Morbuild
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